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Bet You Can't Answer This Question

Questioning SmallQuick…What is Your Organization’s Vision and Mission?   

If you are like 70% of employees, you are not able to answer this question. 

And that’s a serious problem.

Why Do Vision and Mission Statements Matter?

Fact: Organizations with vision and mission statements outperform those without them.

“Business Week reports that firms with well-crafted mission statements have a 30% higher return on certain financial measures than firms that lack such documents” (David and David.)

“Of the top 25 management methods and techniques deployed by senior managers all over the world, mission statements had been consistently shown to be the top-rated management tool during each of the prior 10 years” (Bain.)

How Do They Impact Results?

Vision and mission statements impact organizational performance because they provide the cornerstone for the organization’s strategy and culture. They:

  • Define goals and priorities
  • Create a clear, unified sense of purpose
  • Paint the “big picture”
  • Are inspirational
  • Provide direction for business decisions

Your organization’s vision and mission should be the foundation for all your business strategies.  However, if you and others in the organization do not have the vision and mission top of mind, this integration into the strategic planning process is not likely to happen. 

Maybe it’s Time to Rethink Your Vision and Mission

Historical processes for developing vision and mission statements virtually ensured that they ended up in a dusty document on the highest shelf in some senior manager’s office.  They were long, complicated statements created by committee where more is always more (and better.)   The outcome was cumbersome statements that were confusing, lofty and certainly not inspiring or designed for everyday use.   

Current thinking is that vision and mission statements should be short and memorable. This can best be achieved by using proven templates. 

Dig out your organization’s vision and mission and look them over with a critical eye.  Taking the time to update or redo your vision and mission is time well spent.  If you believe Business Week, it could be worth a 30% return on your investment. 

To help you get started, we are offering you a FREE step-by-step template, “Creating Your Vision and Mission Statements.”