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Is Your Organization Guilty of “Me Too” Marketing?

Sameness SmallStuck in the Platitude Zone?

A quick look at advertising, marketing materials and websites shows that many are filled with platitudes. 



As a marketer it is all too easy to fall into the lemming trap.  Many marketers play it safe by saying the same things as their competitors. They think if others are communicating in this manner, then it must be important. The trouble is that “Me Too” marketing delivers dull, predictable, non-compelling messages.  These messages do not set your organization apart from your competitors.  In fact, “Me Too” marketing makes many prospective customers draw the conclusion that your organization is nothing special.

Take This Pass-Fail Test

Study your organization’s advertising and marketing copy.  If you answer yes to any of the following questions then your marketing fails the test.


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How to Avoid “Me Too” Marketing

Learn more about the Platitude Zone and ways to change your messaging to make it unique and motivating.  Download your FREE guide, “Six Platitude Warning Signs."