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Never Underestimate the Power of Branding

Blueprints SmallEvery marketer knows that branding is important. But how often do we stop and consciously think about branding when preparing materials to go out the door?  Probably not as often as we should… the rule should be, think about it every time.  Here’s why.

The Benefits of Strong Branding

Organizations that focus on developing and nurturing their brand over time reap the rewards of their efforts.  The benefits of having a strong, identifiable brand are:

  • Differentiation:  The key drivers of the brand help separate you from the competition
  • Clarity:  Your stakeholders easily understand what your organization is… and just as importantly, what your organization is not
  • Ownability:  A strong brand cannot be copied; imitators are considered just that, a distant second to the authentic original
  • Endurance:  A strong brand can remain relevant despite a changing marketplace by evolving in a direction consistent with its brand equity and in a manner that makes sense to the community.
  • Loyalty and Trust:  Strong brands are awarded loyalty and trust because they develop an emotional relationship with their stakeholders rather than just a transactional relationship. Satisfaction: By delivering emotional benefits, in addition to lower order functional benefits, a brand can create an enduring and emotionally satisfying experience for its constituents.  
  • Price Elasticity:  Users choose your brand based on its value…not based on price or fees.

The Rules of Branding

Branding is a discipline and, as such, involves the practice of training ourselves and others to obey rules. In our work with brands over the years, we have developed five rules of branding that are relevant for every type of organization.

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