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Southern Illinois University creative assignments were focused on recruitment, targeted to prospective students and their influencers. There were a number of radio spots developed, each emphasizing a different benefit for prospective students to consider when evaluating SIU. This work also included the development of acceptance letters from the school president designed for different target audiences (high school grads, transfer students, etc.) and a multi-page Welcome Kit for accepted students to convince them to enroll.


Radio Script - Aviation :30

Welcome to College Insights. Choosing a college is a very personal decision. If you base it on where everyone else is going, you could miss out on discovering something really exciting – yourself. Be sure to look for programs and opportunities that fit your interests. Say your passion is aviation, a great fit could be Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Where one of the country’s best pilot training programs opens the door to internships with major airlines. Remember, above all else, your college should match your needs.


Radio Script - Alumni :30

Welcome to College Insights. When researching what a college has to offer, always consider one major asset not on campus – the school’s alumni. Schools like Southern Illinois University Carbondale offer alumni associations over 200,000 strong, with accomplished professionals in all fields. Don’t wait until graduation; tap into these alumni networks while in school for valued internships and advice on fields of study. So that once you do graduate, you can further leverage existing connections to pursue your dreams.


Radio Script - Business :30

Welcome to College Insights. When choosing a college, it’s easy to focus on location – far from home, close to home, near a city. But be sure to look beyond where the school will take you physically and consider where the school will take you in your career. If dreaming of a business career, Southern Illinois University Carbondale is a destination you should explore. Ranked in the top 10 percent of US business schools, SIU’s alumni network reaches into boardrooms nationwide. So think ahead. Look for a proven pipeline to your ultimate goal.


Radio Script - Financial Aid :30 

Welcome to College Insights. While it’s natural to experience sticker shock, never let college tuition prices limit your options. Remember, most colleges want to help. So look for one that’s ready to put together a customized package to answer your needs. Some, like Southern Illinois University Carbondale, bundle grants, scholarships, loans and work-study to help 80% of its students. And SIU’s Truth in Tuition locks in tuition rates for four consecutive years. Even with the most affordable school – it’s worth asking.

Radio Script - Undergrad Research :30 

Welcome to College Insights. One key difference between an education and a fully realized education is doing undergraduate research. Research allows you to work collaboratively with faculty, enrich your experience and deepen your understanding of an area of study. Some schools, like Southern Illinois University Carbondale, help students find these research opportunities as early as freshman year. And not just in the sciences, but across all programs and disciplines. Now that’s making the most of your college experience.


Radio Script -  Rankings/Mythbuster :30

Welcome to College Insights. As you’re probably aware, there’s no shortage of college rankings. And they are important. No doubt, Southern Illinois University Carbondale is proud of its top tier US News & World Report ranking. But rankings don’t give you the entire picture. Better to visit a campus like SIU, to get a feel for how you’d fit in. That’s where you’ll see their student support services in action. Get a true picture of undergrad research opportunities. And decide for yourself where the school truly ranks.

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