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Clients are our best spokespeople. They can tell you how it is to work with us and what kind of results to expect.


Nina Cottrell, Retired CEO, Council of Residential Specialists (CRS)

“CRS is a global organization which certifies residential real estate career professionals. We partnered with NorthStar Strategies on a branding initiative to help us clarify, strengthen and differentiate the CRS brand from all the other real estate designations and to sharpen the mix of offerings and services we provide our 39,000 members. The culmination of this work will be a new brand campaign which focuses on the most important benefits that CRS has to offer.”

“Throughout this initiative, NorthStar Strategies has had the goal of helping CRS Designees separate themselves from non-designees and creating a relevant and meaningful strategic point of difference that will resonate with real estate clients and prospects.”

“NorthStar Strategies has led the process, taking us through strategic exercises to identify our core assets, values and competitive strengths. They designed and fielded an extensive research study of a cross-section of our members to guide our work. They pulled it all together with a clear, simple strategy and positioning statement to help us all speak with a single voice and leverage our competitive advantages in today's marketplace.”


Sally A. Smith, Former Vice President Marketing Director, First American Bank

“The results speak for themselves. Our typical turnout for our joint seminars has ranged from 10-25 attendees. Not only have we obtained a number of qualified leads which we're still pursuing, we've also booked considerable business as a result of the contacts we've made, ranging from commercial mortgages and small business loans, to business checking accounts and CDs.”

“We know we can always count on your team to provide our audience with helpful, insightful information that they can apply immediately to their business. You are outstanding presenters, and have a great rapport with the audience.”

“The subject of marketing, while always interesting, can be overwhelming for many business owners. Your hands-on, real world examples show advertising concepts that are really relevant to business owners. And you present the principle of "Inside Reality" in a way that challenges them to think about their business differently. I have used your concepts here at the bank, with my staff and others. And my staff has learned a great deal from each of you.”


Chuck Luhtala, CEO, Canyon Community Bank

“NorthStar Strategies does much more than just make ads. With their input our customer satisfaction survey became a much more valuable tool. We have always been proud of our customer service delivery. This research verified our areas of strength and pinpointed a few growth areas for us. NorthStar helped us design and implement a comprehensive service training program for all employees. Our customer service will truly set us apart in the Tucson market. And of course, they do make ads too. We have a commercial advertising campaign that features our small business customers talking about the bank. We are getting a lot of recognition from these ads.”


Dr. Janet Horton, Owner, Horton Chiropractic

“NorthStar Strategies developed a customized strategy that not only focuses on my personal strengths, but also attracts ideal patients to the practice. By asking great questions to determine my wants and the needs of the practice, then devising the action steps necessary to make those wants and needs reality, Horton Chiropractic has realized explosive growth...Thank you to Peter, Dinny, and Susan of NorthStar Strategies for helping me realize the practice of my dreams!”


Maggie Barrett, Owner, Frances Heffernan

“As a retail business, every day is a challenge and a mystery. NorthStar Strategies has put systems into place that help me feel more in control. They've developed advertising templates that make the weekly ad production process easy and affordable. They've built us two websites - one for each store - which help me stay in front of my customers. They produce the paper and electronic newsletters, sale post cards and e-mail blasts to alert clients to store events. They bring me ideas, help me sort through the many proposals I receive, and help me stay on budget with a 12-month plan in place. I may never be totally in control, but NorthStar Strategies makes me feel more in control. Maybe that's what delegating is all about...and finding the right strategists to work with.”


Robert Black, Retired President & CEO, Chicago Sunday Evening Club

“NorthStar Strategies provided us a brilliant set of tools and rock-solid advice on a project that helped us leap years ahead from where we had been. I've worked with many consultants, but rarely has the experience been as satisfying.”


Rich Harshaw, Founder, Monopolize Your Marketplace

“When I needed a few select marketing consultants to help me build a new business, I turned to NorthStar Strategies. They had the marketing aptitude, client management experience and strategic insight that were needed for this endeavor. In addition to successfully running this rapidly expanding and dynamic consulting business, Susan, Dinny and Peter have been instrumental in helping me develop "best practices" for project management. Their working model will ultimately be adopted by the MYM organization of Master Consulting Agents nationwide. In the meantime, their efforts produced results which far exceeded client expectations.”


Smart Words

“Amazing things happen when you listen to the consumer.” 

Jonathan Mildenhall, VP Global Strategy, Coca-Cola Company